Display Your Love of Firearms with a Rifle Weathervane

gundog weathervane

A cupola is a small tower, usually found on top of a barn roof. They can be huge and prnate or small and simple, but they almost always have three sections: the base, vents and cap, the size of the base depending on the pitch of the roof. Interestingly, a cupola is also a word for a gun turret… which brings us on to the rifle weathervane, a pleasing symmetry!

gundog weathervane

You might simply love guns, love shooting ’em, love collecting them, or just enjoy having a gun cupboard full of different ones. Either way a shotgun weathervane is a cool way to display your obsession, as well as acting as a warning sign to anyone who thinks it’s OK to trespass on your land.

In most countries weathervanes are seen as old-fashioned, used for decoration in the countryside but not for practical use any more. Over here we still use them a lot, an essential fixture for many a barn and outbuilding. And that’s why, in the USA, there are so many companies manufacturing them to this day. Montague, Good Directions, Weathervanes of Maine, Upper Deck, Royal Crowne and Lazy Hill all have a great range to choose from, as do EZvanes and WhiteHall Products. Why are they still so popular in the US? Maybe because our pioneering spirit still lives, maybe because we just like the look of them and they’re a good way to dispay personality in your home.

Back to rifle weathervanes. Our favorites include the beautiful, well-made Good Directions 959P rifle weathervane with scope. It’s a brilliant design and looks so real – a model of a full-size bolt action gun that includes spacer balls and solid brass directionals, and measures a generous 45″ long by 14″ high. You can also buy a roof mount and extension rod if you need them. The design is awesome, a real-looking rifle wioth a stunning polished brass and copper finish, shining and handsome.

We also rate the shotgun weathervane by the same manufacturer, another glorious piece of design in shining brass and copper, this time measuring 44″ X 12″H X 2.5″W. Both this and the version above feature a gun design that isn’t just a boring flat cut-out.They look like real, 3d guns, but made from metal. A credit to any house, outbuilding or barn roof and a wonderful gift for someone firearms-minded.

If you’d like to embellish a building at your home with one of these superb pieces of practical art, you’re not alone. They’re an incredibly popular buy, they’re very well made and one will last you for a long, long time, maybe even ending up a family treasure.