Link Building Tactics for Your Website

Throughout the years, the search engines have refined the fine art of using link data using complex algorithms in order to perform evaluation of pages and sites based on the information provided by the link data. Many search professionals and branding experts like Orb Online credit large part of search engine algorithms to factors related to links. Through links, there are many things that engines can find and do.

Links can help in analyzing a website or page’s popularity. Because of all these, growing a website’s link profile becomes crucial in your goal of getting attention and traffic from search engines. Thus, link building is among the most critical tasks that an SEO needs to do to succeed on search ranking and traffic.

If it is link building, branding agencies like Orb will help you build your link using proven techniques and strategies. Some of these tactics that you can use for building links such as content-based link building, guest blogging, broken link building and link reclamation.

Content-Based Link Building

In this tactic, the basic idea is to create a content that you can use for getting links. This will be your asset that can be in the form of different types of content like an image gallery, how-to guide, video or an infographic. You create these contents to be interesting, relevant, informative, funny, etc. so you can reach out to people who are looking for these kinds of content until overtime, you do not need to rely on them but instead in key influencers within the industry to help spread the word about you on your behalf.

Guest Blogging

Another way to build your link is through guest blogging. In this tactic, you approach other websites to see if they are willing to publish a content you write for their blog. This is an effective linkbuilding tactic but you should know that you could not abuse it with low-quality content especially with Google on the lookout for these. Nevertheless, if you can produce high quality content, there are still sites that are willing to accept guest posts.

Broken Link Building

You can find plenty of broken links in the Internet that you can often find existing on high quality pages. In this tactic, the premise is to help webmasters by providing them with superior alternative that they can link to as a way to fix the broken links. Many older pages on the Internet use this tactic where you can suggest linking your content to replace the broken links on the older pages.

Link Reclamation

A bit similar to broken link building, another tactic to build your link is through link reclamation. In this tactic, you ‘reclaim’ links that were once directed to your site but is now dead or failed to provide you with any SEO value. Under this technique, there are different strategies you can use to reclaim links such as with links pointed to sites no longer existing, mentions or images about you that they failed to link to your site. You can use different tools to find these non-liked mentions and images and link them to your site to build your links.